There are two lions depicted one facing left is Sef (yesterday) and Duau (present or tomorrow)

Name in Hieroglyphics


I) What is Aker the god of?Edit

The God of Earth Patron of: The Earth, the Horizon
The Defender of the Sun Patron of: Medicines and Protector against snake bites
The God of the Underworld Protector of the Pharoah in the netherworld and vicious spirit of the netherworld
The God of Past Protector of the Sunrise
The God of Present Protector of the Sun

II) Family and Associations with AkerEdit

Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Associated Gods Tatenan (the mound), Geb (Earth), Ra (sun)
Associated Symbols and Animals Two lions facing opposite to each other, the horizon, Barbary Lions?
Consort Unknown

III) Where and How was he worshippedEdit

No information on this at the moment