Creations Story of many myths

Egyptian Myth Edit

Heliopolitan MythEdit

The Enead, tells that, the God, Atum rose from the primeval waters. He vomits Tefnut and spits Shu. Shu and Tefnut had 2 children - Nut and Geb who were stuck. Shu separated them, holding Nut in the sky. Nut and Geb had four children, Set, the god of darkness, Osiris, the king of Egypt and agricultures, Aset (Isis), the goddess of beauty and life and Nephthys, the goddess of fertile land and underworld.

Ogdoad MythEdit

Ogdoad, the eight deities worshipped in Hermopolis. Consisting, Nu and Naunet, Amun/Amunet (air), Kuk/Kauket (darkness), and Huh/Hauhet (eternity).

Egg MythEdit

The first version of the myth has the entity arising from the waters after the interaction as a mound of dirt, the Milky Way, which was deified as Hathor. In the myth an egg was laid upon this mound by a celestial bird. The egg contained Ra. In the original version of this variant, the egg is laid by a cosmic goose. However, after the rise of the cult of Thoth, the egg was said to have been a gift from Thoth, and laid by an ibis, the bird with which he was associated.

Lotus MythEdit

Later, when Atum had become assimilated into Ra as Atum-Ra, the belief that Atum emerged from a (blue) lotus bud, in the Ennead cosmogeny, was adopted and attached to Ra. The lotus was said to have arisen from the waters after the explosive interaction as a bud, which floated on the surface, and slowly opened its petals to reveal the beetle, Khepri, inside. Khepri, an aspect of Ra representing the rising sun, immediately turns into a weeping boy - Nefertum (young Atum), whose tears form the creatures of the earth. In later Egyptian history, as the god Khepri became totally absorbed into Ra, the lotus was said to have revealed Ra, the boy, straight away, rather than Ra being Khepri temporarily. Sometimes the boy is identified as Horus, although this is due to the merging of the myths of Horus and Ra into the one god Ra-Herakty, later in Egyptian history.

Greek Creation Edit

Long ago, Chaos, the eternal discord, created Gaia, the goddess of earth and Ouranos (Uranus), the god of sky, Eros (desire), Nyx (the night) and Erebus (the Dark). Later, the Earth and Sky copulated, to the titans. The Titans began to rule the universe but the Olympian defeated them.