Cult Center: Valley of the Kings
Deity of: Tombs, Silence and Healing
Consort: None
Sibling: None
Symbol: Cobra snake
Parents: -
Offspring: -

Meretseger (or Mertseger) is the cobra goddess who protects royal tombs and patron deity of tomb-builders.

During the New Kingdom, Meretseger had great authoity over the necropolis in Thebes. She is depicted coiled cobra or a woman with a cobra's head.

Her name translated is 'she who loves silence', decriptive of a deity protecting silent royal tombs. The necropolis workers living at their village known now as Deir el-Medina use her dwelling place to describe her so she is addressed as the "Peak of the West" ('Dehenet Imentet'). Meretseger strikes down with blindness or venomous stings to the workers who commit crimes or false oaths but healed those who repented. In one instance, Meretseger was prayed to relieve pain of a draftsman named Neferabu. She answered the prayer by bringing "sweet breezes". The goddess took pity on the man and healed him.

The end of Meretseger's worship was related to the abandonment of Thebes as the royal burial ground during Dynasty XXI.