Welcome to the Mytho wiki! Edit

This wiki was made in 2009. According to wiki's user page, the last time they logged in was in 2015. Not only does this wiki have some work put into it, a steady stream of users goes in and out, occasionally making edits to some of the bigger pages. Of course, with any activity, there tends to be the negative that there has been vandalism. It seems few and far between and rather easy to fix, however.</p>

Why should I adopt this wiki? Edit

Well, the name of this wiki is very advantageous. It could be used for almost anything, but since this is already being used to write about mythology, you're likely to want to write about that --- it is what the tiny community here is used to already.

If you'd like to run a wiki on mythology that has a tiny community, a good name, and some work on it already, particularly in the area of Egyptian mythology, then this wiki is for you.

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