Cult Center: None, just a creation god
Deity of: Chaos and Sea
Consort: Naunet
Sibling: Naunet, Kuk, Kauket, Amun, Amaunet, Khepri, Nefertum and Ra
Symbol: Palm Frond
Parents: None, Self-created
Offspring: N/A

Nun is the god of the sea and primal chaos. His opposite is Ma'at, the goddess of justice and harmony. His counterpart is Naunet.

Nun, the god of creation and the seaEdit

Although the Egyptians had many different creation myths, they all agreed that the universe came from the primordeal waters of Nun, and many legends suggested that everything would slip back under these waters at the end of the world. There were no priests or temples devoted specifically to Nun, but he was represented by the sacred lake of each temple and was frequently referred to in religious inscriptions. Nun existed in every particle of water and formed the source of the river Nile and the yearly innundation. The god was also associated with the laying of foundations for all temples, possibly because the Egyptians used simple and effective technique which took advantage of the fact that water will always form a horizontal level in order to ensure that the foundation layers of structures were flat.

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Links with other godsEdit

In Memphis, Nun was associated with the creator god, Ptah in the form of the composite deity Ptah-Nun. Both gods were described as the father of the sun god (Ra-Atum). Rival priests from Thebes claimed that their city was the place where Tatenen appeared. Nun was the more powerful deity before Atum became the mound and created other gods.

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