Cult Center: Leontopolis
Deity of: Wind, Dry Air and Storms
Consort: Tefnut
Sibling: Tefnut
Symbol: Ostrich Feather
Parents: Atum
Offspring: Geb, Nut
Shu is the deification of dryness and air, one of the Heliopolitan Enead. With his sister, Tefnut, Shu was the father of Geb and Nut. HE was created by Atum or other Iussuset. Shu is personified as calm and pacified. He is also called as an unanimous justice. Shu is seen with 5 or 1 gold feather. In a much later myth, representing the terrible weather disaster at the end of the Old Kingdom, it was said that Tefnut and Shu once argued, and Tefnut (moisture) left Egypt for Nubia (which was always more temperate). It was said that Shu quickly decided that he missed her, but she changed into a cat that destroyed any man or god that approached. Thoth, disguised, eventually succeeded in convincing her to return. He carries an Ankh, the symbol of life.

As the God of cool air, he separates the earth from the sky where help up the figure of Nut so that the earth and sky were separated. He is also the creator of the wind. The Egyptians believed that without Shu, there would be no area in which to create the life they saw all around them.

Shu and Tefnut were also said to be but two halves of one soul, perhaps the earliest recorded example of “soul mates”.