• Dažbog - the sun god, probable of being a culture hero and a source of wealth and power
  • Jarilo - a god associated with fertility, vegetation and spring and supposed war god
  • Morana - the goddess of harvest, witchcraft, winter and death
  • Perun - the god of thunder and lightning
  • Rod - the creator god, in some theories a supreme god
  • Svarog - the blacksmith god, the god of fire
  • Svetovid - the god of war, fertile land and abundance
  • Triglav - the three headed god, the seer of sinful deeds
  • Veles - the god of autumn, western lands, underworld, earth, waters, fertility, cattle, pasture, snakes, wolves, medicine and magic
  • Zaria - the goddess of love and sexual attraction
  • Živa - the goddess of love and fertility
  • Zorya - the star goddesses presiding over the morning, evening and midnight stars

Other DeitiesEdit